Holding on to the here and now

Today is March 20 and in two months, if all goes according to plan, we will be back in the US beginning a new chapter in our lives. We have a lot to look forward to; a new high school, a beautiful home, driver's training, a Christmas vacation that is already being planned, summer visits from grandparents and so much more. However, for now this is still our home, the place where we gather with friends, spend time together as a family, go on walks with our dog. This is where we live, and although plans for our next steps are coming together, we still have a lot of living to do right here where we are. 

Monopoly, dominoes, Racko, and Clue are just a few of the games these two enjoy playing together. The mini billiards table we bought at a thrift shop is also a favorite, even if a few of the billiard balls are missing.
South African Monopoly

Nala, aka Noodle, Lala, Jupie, NuNu, Noodlo Doodlo and a few other odd nicknames. We all love having this silly pooch around. Taking her on walks gets me up and moving and also provides plenty of opportunities to interact with people in the community (and goats, cows and chickens too!). She now knows how to sit, shake, roll over and when she wants attention, she will "ask" for scratchies. The kids check on her before bed each night and Darin gives her a treat every morning, even sharing his barbeque peanuts on occassion. 

Our favorite pup, Nala

Our favorite little friend came for a long visit earlier this month. As you can see, plenty of cuddles happen when Amo is around. I think we all are soaking up every smile, sound and snuggle and doing our best to stay in the moment with this little love. While we are here, we will be present!

We are so thankful that most of the restrictions around covid have lifted recently and we have been able to enjoy time with friends. In February, we went to Warmbaths for two nights with our South Africa family. Darin and I loved having all of our kids together in one place! We swam, played games, ziplined, ate and just enjoyed time together. 

Hey Hey the gang's all here!

Gracie, Phineas and Omphile

Annah and Mohau

Jori and Johanna

Jameson and Johanna getting ready to fly!

We have also been getting out and visiting with friends. We joined the Lamprecht crew on a fantastically fun hike by the Hennops River, which we crossed over by bridge and cable car! 

Teens on the bridge

Me and my babies
My partner in adventuring, Belinda, with 1/2 her crew

We also met up with our friends and fellow Americans, the Burlesons and Goodwins in Pretoria. We plan to gather together again in April and we hope to see the Goodwin fam in Michigan this summer. 

Third Culture Kids

We've been out to Butterfly for a braai and a lekker kuier with cake and coffee, and we have sleepovers and more gatherings planned with the Oosthuizen crew in the weeks to come! We took a drive out to Tshepo ya Bana and saw some familiar faces on the way there. 😉 I was hoping for a giraffe or elephant, but driving by zebras and an ostrich is still pretty amazing. 


This is our home. These are the people and places we hold dear. These are the memories we will hold on to. 


Unknown said…
Love everything about this. Finish strong and enjoy every moment of these last two months.

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