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My Trip To America Part 4 & 5-by Tyson Fey

Part 4 After we went to my grandma and grandpa, we went to a reunion. On that same day, my mom left to help with my auntie’s son Sawyer. He broke a few places of his body. The reunion took place in Washington. When we got there we said hi to everybody, because we hadn’t seen them in a very long time. After that we went to our rooms and got settled in, I was with my dad. My sister was with the girls. I think we then went to swim at the pool. Every day we would hang out, swim, watch movies, play. We would drink Mountain Dew, Dr Pepper. We would go down into the valley to eat at dinner. One of the days we went down this freezing cold river. We went down it in tubes. There were some currents that would splash you with water. We went down it twice. Then after the trip was over we left for my other grandma and grandpa that lived in Oregon. Part 5 We had to drive a total of six hours to get to Pop and Grams. Three hours in a car and three more in a bus. When we got to our d

My Trip to America Part 3-Tyson Fey

After we went to the Oarabile, we went to my grandma and grandpa. We got there and I was the first to go in. they were so happy to see us. We were also happy to see them. We got there and settled in and ate. We ate snicker salad, beans, steak wrapped in bacon. The food was so good!!!!!!! We then talked and went to bed. Then we got up and ate. We also watched a lot of movies and shows. Sometimes we would go to uncle Justin’s farm. I went there and helped with some stuff and drove the ranger. Sometimes the cows would get out of their fence and we had to help. I got to drive the ranger to my uncle’s moms house. Me and my cousins would play cops and robbers on the ranger, it was fun.   Some days we would go to the Edgerton city pool. Onetime they had a competition, I got second place for the coolest trick!! At the end of the competitions there was a penny dive, I got 71 cents. We also went to the lake. It was so fun!!! We went tubing and played in the water. We also ate some nice

Mid-Western Fey Family Fun

It has been over a month since we were in the mid-west, so this for sure won't be a play by play. Plus, Tyson will soon be writing an account of our time with Darin's family. I just want to write some thoughts down for my own sake :) We left Michigan, spent time with the Van Gilder family and swung up north to visit with Oarabile and her lovely fam. Then we were on our way down to southwestern Minnesota; Edgerton to be precise. I remember when Darin and I first started dating and I found out he was from a small town. "How quaint", I thought. Then I visited Edgerton and thought "Hmm, other than all the Dutch and Christian Reformed Stuff, this is so NOT like the places where I grew up". Now, after several years of marriage, several visits to Edgerton and having my own children, I arrive in Edgerton and think "Finally, we are here in this little spot that feels like the kind of home I always wanted". Small town life is awesome. We arrived late at ni

Our trip to America-byTyson Fey

Part 1 The first part of our trip was to the Huismans, our beloved friends. I’ve known their daughter, Jenna, my whole life. She is 5 weeks older than me and we have been friends ever since I was born. It took us 30 minutes to get to their house from the airport. The first thing we did was say hi to uncle Jon who was busy working on a neighbor’s roof and couldn’t come to the airport to get us. Then we ate and went to bed. In the morning, we got up and watched a show. And it was pretty much like that the whole time. They had a pet snake named Leche. He was a milk snake. He ate baby mice that were frozen. It was cool to see him eat the mouse. Another day we rode bikes to the ice cream place, it was called Ice Cream Alley. They had very good ice cream there!!! I got cookies and cream. We rode home on the path to get to our old house. It was so fun!!   Some of the days we would do something special; I think the second or third day we watched Beauty and the Beast [the new one

Back in South Africa Again

It has been a long time since I wrote! We are safely back in South Africa. Our re-entry has been a little bumpy, which has kept me from writing sooner. We landed late Saturday night, walked into our house and found out we didn't have electricity. Our power wasn't restored until Tuesday afternoon, so getting on line and writing a blog wasn't really high on my priority list. Once the power came back on we were able to go and buy groceries. This was difficult as we were having car problems, which were only solved on Wednesday when we replaced the battery. We are thankful that was the only issue! Being back here is good, but hard. When we were in the states it was easy to tell people "South Africa is our home", but home is not only a place; it is also made up of people and many of the people that make us feel "at home" are now far away. Like really, really far away. Yet we also have many people we love here and as we reconnect with them again, our hearts w