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It was a dark and stormy night….

Ok, actually it is a bright and windy day, but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. It is sunny, HOT, and really windy in our neck of the woods today, but we are hoping for a dark and stormy night as we could really use the rain. There are some areas of green, a sign that spring has come, but the grass is withered and dry, looking more like yellowed straw than a lawn. The ground is parched and the dust is everywhere, and I mean everywhere. It is Sunday, the 28 th of September. Another month is about to begin. Tyson and Jori will have a week off from school in October, then one more term until another year of school wraps up in December. Hard to believe we’ll have a 4 th and 6 th grader come January. Wow! When we arrived here in 2011, Tyson had just finished first grade and Jori was a newly graduated pre-schooler. Time flies. We are keeping busy, as always and I have failed to keep track of all the details, as always. We celebrated Darin’s 37 th birthday on the 22 n

September Update

It is now September 7, which is a bit longer than I planned to wait between writing blogs. We’ve just been a tad bit busy here, which is the norm, but it seems like each day brings its own kind of busy. Over the past few weeks we’ve been dealing with a lot of sickness, mostly cold and flu type stuff. The youngest baby, who is 6 months old today, was one of the hardest hit. He was vomiting, had diarrhea, a bad cough, runny nose and fever. One of the teenagers also had something similar and the rest of the kids were just run of the mill miserable. Thankfully we seem to be on the mend although Darin said this afternoon that his throat is a bit itchy and his eyes hurt…and here I thought we were in the clear! We just enjoyed a wonderful week with my dad. He is back in South Africa for 3+ weeks doing Timothy Leadership Training, which is a pastoral and church leadership training course. Today we brought him down past Soweto to a town called Eldorado for his first week of training.