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Wuh-wuh-wuh, what’s happening Dude??

If you are at all familiar with the Leapfrog phonic’s DVD, you can thank me later for putting the alphabet song in your head. The volunteers are working hard to help Thato learn her letters and their sounds, so this DVD is frequently played and parts of the song repeated by all of the kids up at the main house. When Thato said “The T says Tuh, for Thato and Tyson” without any prompting, it made having this song in my head totally worth it! The Warrior Race is coming up in less than 2 weeks. Sadly, my training has taken a nose dive. I was just starting to feel all athletic and strong and then I realized I was walking around like a robot, a robot with very sore knees and shins. I have been resting and icing, but it appears that allowing my muscles to remain dormant for so long is making my recovery time move at a snail’s pace, which is about how fast I’ll be running in the Warrior Race! Ha. We really do covet your prayers as we run this race, that we will spread the word about Tshep

Warrior Race 2014

In college, I had to take three Physical Education classes. Now, I am not the most athletic person (shocking!), which led to my taking the following three classes; Social Dance, where I learned to waltz, fox trot, line dance and more, Women’s Self Defense, where I learned some sweet moves to protect myself and Walking. Yes, walking. I was supposed to walk around and keep a journal reporting how many laps I completed, but even this proved to be too much exercise for me and most days I walked myself right back to my dorm room where I watched TV until I needed to return to the gym to turn in my journal. Since college, there have been a couple times where I decided to get serious about exercising. I bought an exercise ball and DVD from one of those “As Seen on TV” ads, promising my husband that I would workout every day. This did not happen and I spent the next several years trying to find a convenient place to store a giant inflatable ball that I would surely get serious about using

Grandma Karen and Grandpa Rick part 2

We were having a wonderful time with Grandma Karen, but were eager for Grandpa Rick to arrive. After a quick stop in Germany for business, Grandpa finally arrived on Wednesday, December 11 and on Thursday the 12 th , we headed to Magoebaskloof for a holiday. We arrived at the Magoebaskloof Ruskamp late in the afternoon after a few stops along the way for food and bathroom breaks. We picked up some groceries and got settled in. Tyson and Jori were eager to explore and were running all over the property. It was nice and quiet as the weekend hadn’t quite started. On Friday we headed out for our canopy tour, anticipating some fun, some thrills and some fearful moments! We experienced all of that and more. First, we were fitted out with helmets, gloves, a harness and a variety of cables and ropes. Then we followed our guides down a steep trail until we reached the first platform. This is where the action began. Tyson, Jori and Darin were thrilled. Grandpa was happy. Grandma and I w