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Here are the Thanksgiving reports the kids wrote last week: Thing’s I am thankful for by Tyson 1.        My buddy is so speacial to me 2.        We play baseball together 3.        We go out together 4.        We play together 5.        I like him very very much. My buddy is daddy! Thanksgiving by Jori I am thekfl for Charity and Niesi bkus thay are my grls. Orabile and Mapule cas they are cyot. Flower are prite and smel god. I am oso fakfl for playing outside kus it is fun. Anamis and babe brs are kol to see. I lik to see babe brs.  I am thankful for Charity and Niesi because they are my girls. Orabile and Mapule because they are cute. Flowers are pretty and smell good. I am also thankful for playing outside because it is fun. Animals and baby birds and cool to see. I like to see baby birds.


On Friday, we took a little fieldtrip to Operation Mobilizations South African headquarters. The good people at OM South Africa were putting on a “trip” around the world for home schooling kids to come and learn about different countries and cultures. Tyson wanted a little independence, so he joined the blue group, while Jori and I were in the pink group. Each child had a “passport” and after hearing many interesting things about the country they were visiting, they were given a sticker for that country. We all had a wonderful time and appreciated learning more about the different cultures around the world. OM is a Christian organization that seeks to mobilize people to spread the Gospel message around the world, so we also learned about the religious climate of the various countries . When we got home, Tyson and Jori each started a report about the countries they saw. There were 8 countries total, but each child only made 5 stops. Together, the kids visited all 8 countries, which w

What we've been eating

While my parents were here, we tried this recipe that I had found on a blog called Se7en. I had accidently picked up bone-in chicken breasts at the store, but they ended up being perfect for this dish. The chicken was delicious. Seriously, so good. The sauce needed something more, but I am not enough of a cook to know what that “something more” should be. If anyone tries this dish and figures it out, let me know. One trick we’ll be trying next time is not adding so much water to the concentrate and maybe adding a bit more brown sugar directly to the sauce, but that’s all I’ve got! Easy Chicken in Orange Juice Enough chicken pieces for dinner, sometimes I used boney ones other times the skinned de-boned kind, whatever you prefer. A couple of onions, well chopped Mustard. Brown sugar, I use about half a cup and I split it into two halves. Orange Juice to cover. Fresh or from concentrate Butter. A tablespoon or two of flour 1. Place your chic

A Big Wrap Up

First of all, almost all of our pictures from our vacation are up! Just follow the link at the top of our blog and check them out.  We had a WONDERFUL time with my parents. I know I should have been writing things down as we went along, but I was too busy just trying to enjoy each moment. I am going to try to think back now and touch on some of the highlights of our time together.  Our trip to Blyde River Canyon, which I already wrote about, was a definite highlight. We are so thankful that we could see another part of this amazing country and it was a blessing to be able to share the adventure with my parents. After we got back from that trip, we took some time to just live our “normal” life and include my parents in this life as much as possible. That meant many visits across the road to Tshepo Ya Bana to hold babies and watch the kids swim, a few trips out to Mama Cathrine, grocery shopping, and sitting out in the sun. We tried to do some home schooling, but it was hard to get

Going on vacation

Going on Vacation by Tyson We stayed at a hotel motel. Whiel we stayed at the hotel we did lots of fun stuff. Zipline, Big swing, Bourke’s Luck Potholes. By the caves there was a Dinosaur Park. There was a alive crockdile. My daddy thought it was too hot to move. It was in the water to cool off. The dinosaurs felt like cardboard. We took some scary pictures. Katydids by Tyson They hear with there legs. They have antenna. We played with them. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. There very nice katydids. Did I mention there like grasshoppers? There about the size of your hand. They have little mouth feelers. We did a routeen. First we get them on a stick, then we put them on a rock. We named them Hoppy, Hopper, Bacon, Una and Blacky. The end. The sip line by Tyson (zip line) We went to a place called big swing. It felt funny he he he he he he. They put a harenes on me.   it was like the sipline was like the one at post family farm but different. It was higher scarier. You had to run off a platfor