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** I recently came across this post that I had written for someone else's blog quite some time ago. I thought I would share it now. Enjoy!** In June 2011, my family moved from West Michigan to South Africa. Our children both had birthdays the week we arrived, our son turning 7 and our daughter 5. We moved overseas with 7 black Rubbermaid containers, 7 suitcases and several pieces of hand luggage, after months of weeding out the must haves from the must leave behinds. One item that made its way to South Africa was a small bag, shaped like an owl that some friends had lovingly snuck into our luggage with the help of my husband. When I was unpacking, I came across this bag, read the note sticking out of the front pocket, and wept. My beloved Bible study group had collected letters, encouraging notes, Bible verses and more from friends and family and had packed the bag full to bursting with words of love that would carry me through what would be a very difficult transition per