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A word that makes my heart break

Mom. Mother. Mama. Mommy. For most of us, these words evoke feelings of happiness, warm thoughts and good memories. When I think of my own mom, my heart is filled up. I love my precious mama with all that’s in me. When Jori runs out the door for school and yells “I love you mom, have a great day today”, I can’t keep the smile from my face. Yet these words, that for me are so full of good thoughts and happy feelings, have been giving me a lot of sadness lately. A little boy I love so dearly was angry yesterday. I said “I think you need a hug” and we sat down together on the steps. He let me hold him for a bit then said “I can’t wait for my mommy to come”. This was not said with excitement and anticipation, but with desperation and sadness. This child was abandoned by his own mother and his heart is crying out to be loved. He is sad and angry and literally hurting at the thought of having to wait for a mommy to come and claim him. He has seen many of his friends return to their biol

Cellphone woes

Earlier this week, I had my phone stolen right out of my hand. I was at a red light looking at a message that had just come in (I know, shouldn’t do that) and just like that, my phone was grabbed. I yelled and yelled “Hey, I need my phone! Please give me my phone I need those numbers! You can’t take my phone!” and other stuff like that. I was just about to get out of the car when I sensed a presence at the passenger side window; there were 2 men looking at me, one who had my phone in his hand. My very first thought was “Oh, they were just trying to teach me a lesson about having my phone out in the open.” That thought lasted a split second and then I was yelling again. The thief kept saying “Sorry, ma’am, sorry. I shouldn’t have taken your phone. I won’t take from you”, while the older man, who I am assuming heard my screaming and made the younger man do right said “You should pay him R10 ($1)”, to which I replied “I am not paying him, he just stole my phone!” The would be thief staye