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We have a house!! Yay!!! God is so good and He is always on time. On Saturday, Darin and I went to look at a house in one of the settlement areas near us. This house ended up not having indoor plumbing, which made it a no for our family. We left feeling really disappointed and stressed and tired and confused. We decided to drive around a bit and see if anything caught our eye. Nothing did, so we decided to head for home. On the way, we passed a building that we drive past daily. We weren’t even sure if this was just an open building or a house, but we decided to stop and ask. Long story short, it was a house, it has been vacant for 2 years and soon it will be filled with Feys! The house sits between the Catholic Church and the housing complex of the nuns/sisters. The priests used to stay in the house and it is full of books, filing cabinets and lots of loose papers. There is also a lovely statue of Jesus greeting all who enter. The house needs work…quite a bit of work. The electri

Hanging by a Thread - Christmas 2015

We are three days from Christmas 2015. A time of waiting and anticipating Emmanuel, God with us! Jesus;  He comes to us as a tiny baby, but His whole being runs through the Bible as a thread, tying the whole creation, fall, redemption story together. Jesus, the Word, who was present from the beginning and who is the light and brings life to all! Jesus, the man of sorrows, the one who would be rejected, despised, tortured, and then pierced for our transgressions. Jesus, the babe in a manger who is now seated at the right hand of God the Father. Jesus, the Alpha and Omega, King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Jesus, who was and is and is to come, the thread of life, goodness and grace, the thread that we can hold on to and trust that He will not break! This past year we have often felt like we were “hanging by a thread”, and in our darkest moments we have had several times when our eyes have been pulled away from who that thread is. We have felt doubt and despair, worry and fear. Today

Keeping Busy

It is December 4. The kids are finally finished with exams, hooray! They still have school for three days next week; not sure what they do on Monday, Tuesday is their Fun Day and Wednesday is the Honor’s Program. Then School’s Out for Summer!!! The kids will be off until the 13 th of January and Grandma Karen arrives on the 12 th . Whoop Whoop! We are still, yes still, looking for a house. We wanted to go see one today, but the owners weren’t home. There is one other one that we are waiting and praying on, but this whole situation has really been testing our faith. There are days where I just don’t get it. It’s like, “Ok, God, we said we’d be out of here months ago! Why are things not moving along???” and then I start to feel stressed and icky, so I try to just let go, but then I feel like I am in denial.  There is a fine line there between denial and letting go, at least for me! So we are waiting, praying, and trusting and KNOWING that God has a plan and that His timing is never