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Lately I have been thinking about things that I have done that I never, ever would have imagined myself doing 4 years ago. Here are a few that top the list: Driving a stick shift Not only were my attempts at driving a manual transmission in the states dismal, they were laughable. Ok, only laughable looking back, but at the time there were many tears and small children yelling at their father from the backseat “Don’t make mommy cry” and “Stop yelling at our mom”. Now, not only do I drive a stick shift all by myself like a big girl (I even went to the mall in Pretoria without Darin a couple weeks ago), but I can drive the combi, which is like in a category all by itself. As you can see from the photos below, the gear stick of the combi is laid out all nice and normal, however, what you see is not actually what you get.  In the combi, reverse is the only gear properly labeled and the rest you just have to remember as you go along. Not only that, but 3 rd gear only w