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Thank you!

It's time for a guest post.  Though I'm not too far removed from the regular author, I(Darin) felt like it was time for me to give an update and some much deserved thanks to so many people after what our family has gone through over the last few weeks. Twenty one days seems like a long time ago, when my head seemed to explode with what was easily the most extreme pain I've ever felt in my lifetime.  Trying to be strong that Sunday evening in front of Jonna who was rightfully freaking out, I did my best to convince her that my headache seemed to be subsiding slowly about 20 minutes after it had started.  I don't think she was very convinced since I was at the same time trying to keep from throwing up and insisting that she turn off all the lights that I could see.  I was sort of writhing around on our bed while hearing her talking on the phone to a great medical doctor friend of ours in Pretoria.  Fortunately Pete was able to convince Jonna that she needed to make the