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A couple weeks in.

 It is Sunday night, May 30. We have been in Michigan for 2 1/2 weeks. Our hearts are definitely still not fully on this continent, and I suspect they never will be. Tys and Jori are watching a movie together in the living room, and Darin and I are in our room doing work and writing blog posts. Fun times for the Fey family! Physically, our move earlier this month went great. Other than an unfortunate incident of Jori getting sick in the middle of the terminal right before our plane boarded in Chicago, getting here was great. We had no problems with our luggage and had extra seats to stretch out on and sleep on our flight from South Africa to Switzerland and Switzerland to Chicago. And Swiss Air was amazing; the food, the service, the friendliness were all fantastic. Customs wasn't a problem and other than Jori being sick, the time in Chicago went by quickly.  We arrived to a furnished house with a stocked pantry, fridge and freezer, which were all amazing blessings. We've been

This time next week, we'll be on an airplane...

How is it possible that we are starting our final week living here in Hammanskraal? I know this is true in my head and I see it is true when I look at the calendar, but it still does not feel real that after almost a decade of living in South Africa, we are about to become residents of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I can still remember landing here with ALL of our luggage, the group of men who insisted on helping us transport said luggage to the car rental agency in the parking lot, and the extreme anxiety I felt when we didn't have any Rand to give a tip to anyone. I remember celebrating Tyson's 7th birthday and Jori's 5th birthday within a few days of landing, and now we will be celebrating their 17th and 15th birthdays just a month and a few days after returning to the US. Where has the time gone? We have been staying busy since I last wrote. We cleaned the garage and Darin's office is looking more manageable than it has in years. We've gone to a garden centre with a