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Leaving on a jet plane...but first:

Tomorrow I fly to Kenya. I am mostly packed, and starting to get excited. I know that Darin and the kids will be just fine, but the whole process of leaving takes a bit out of me. Jori started school last week Friday. So far, her year is off to a good start. She is in Grade 7, top of the school! She has already had homework, but so far there hasn't been too much griping.  Tyson started his new school on Wednesday. His opinion is that it is better than sitting home with nothing to do...I guess that is a good thing. Being back in school has been an adjustment for sure, and having him at a new school means that Darin and I have a bit of a learning curve to go through as well. I remember how different I found the South African school system when our kids started at Jabulane, and that was a school run by Americans! Now I again finding myself trying to understand a new school, that has just opened a high school, after a year of having Tyson out of school. We had a night

Our January so far

Tomorrow our baby girl is starting Grade 7!!!! How is that even possible? Jori and I had plans to get pedicures over the school holidays, and today we finally made that plan a reality. After our pedicures, we joined up with Tyson and Darin and finished up our back to school shopping. I guess we are kind of a last minute family. Tonight we watched a couple shows together and played charades. We took turns giving each other phrases to act out. Jori wanted Darin to act out "Ceramic Owl" and let's just say, while Tyson and I figured out owl pretty fast, ceramic was not a word that is easily acted out. Tyson decided he wanted to sleep in a tent tonight. We don't have a tent, so he rigged this baby up this afternoon. Darin got him all situated tonight and he lasted 30 minutes, which was actually a lot longer than we thought he'd make it! The mosquitoes are terrible right now, but it was the sound of crickets that drove him inside. Sister Sue is in bed,