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Update to our newsletter

Ok, ok, I know I just published a post today, a whole newsletter in fact, so what more could I possibly have to say. First of all, we are not moving…yet. We had a few issues with the owners of the house we were going to rent that made us think stepping way back from that particular housing option was a good idea. We did look at another house today, but the price isn’t right. Darin is going to try to do a little bartering and wheeling and dealing and see what happens, but God only knows. And do you know what; I am actually ok with that! I guess I must be growing up. So, to the people of Edgerton CRC, Evergreen Ministries and everyone who read the newsletter on this here blog, we are still on Plot 94 and still trusting God for the right house for our family. The only real bummer is that I had already started packing. We had already filled the minivan with one load of stuff and I had another 3 loads ready to go. Now instead of unpacking at a new house over the upcoming week of school hol

Newsletter September 2015

What are the Feys doing in South Africa, you might ask, and why are we as a church supporting them?  I am hoping I can give you a quick glimpse into our life and ministry, especially as this month marks a big change as we wrapped up almost 3 years of living and working at Tshepo ya Bana place of safety and have moved into full time work with Take Action Ministry. Our work with Take Action involves many facets. Darin will primarily be working as the manager of our Distribution Centre, where we store and distribute food, clothes and other items, as well as hold meetings with community leaders. Take Action currently employs two local women to sort and organize things at the DC and one man who helps Darin with the driving and collecting of donated goods. Darin will also be working with finances, such as incoming donations and payment requisitions for the various projects we are involved in. I, Jonna, will be working as the communications coordinator; handling the Take Action Facebook

It's Raining!

Today is the 5 th of September. It is raining for the first time since April! We are so thankful for the rain, but it is strange to be having such cold weather after enjoying summerlike conditions for the past couple weeks. I think today has been colder than any actual winter days. Our time at Tshepo ya Bana has officially come to an end, but we are still living at Plot 94, now as renters. We have gone to see 4 or 5 houses, but they have all been too small, or too expensive or too far away or a combination of all three. We are still talking to the people who own the “no electricity house”, hoping and praying that there will be a solution. Will you please join us in praying about this? For me, it is hard to put this house out of my mind as it just felt like the place we should be. Even though it needs A LOT of work, it could be a real home for our family. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for Elaine, Floyd and Floyd Jr. We did hear that Floyd Sr. has been having a few