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Since November 2012, we have been living in the main house at Tshepo ya Bana. For those who have never been here, the main house is one of 5 houses on the property and is where most of the children reside. It is loud, chaotic, busy, fast-paced and a whole lot of fun! Our family has really been blessed by the time we’ve spent in this house and know that it is an experience we will treasure forever. That being said, change is coming. In December, our family of 4 will be moving to one of the other houses here at Tshepo ya Bana. This house has been known as the Innotec Cottage, Uncle Daniel’s Cottage, “Germany” (courtesy of Uncle Martin) and most recently the Volunteers Cottage. Soon it will be known as our home. There are several reasons why this move is set to take place. The two biggest reasons are the health of our family and the growth of Tshepo ya Bana. I’ll tackle the health of our family first. While we have all enjoyed living in this house there are some definite downside

Yet another overdue update

It has been a busy few weeks, which explains my blogging absence. At the end of September, little Amo had a seizure. It was the second one and was a lot more intense. She was having convulsions for over 2 hours, and continued on even after medication had been administered in the hospital. Our experience at Jubilee was much better this time around. I think it all depends on the mood of the people who first greet you. Last time we were viewed with suspicion by one sister (nurse) and that led to a lot of hassle and stress for us and Amo. This time we were ushered right into an emergency room, oxygen was started as soon as we laid Amo on the gurney, and the doctor came in within minutes and administered meds. We were so very thankful for the love and care shown to Amo and the way these professionals listened to us instead of treating us in a suspect manner. Amo was in the hospital for almost a week as she was on IV antibiotics. She was so tired the first few days after coming home, bu