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Build Them A Home Progress Report #5

It is Friday morning. I am sitting in our living room watching Amo take 5 minute naps and then wake up full of energy over and over and over again. We are all enjoying our favorite little house guest, but are so excited for her to be in her new home with her family!!!  Now it is time for an update, and also for another ask. Yes, we met our goal of raising $10,000 to #BuildThemAHome, but as with most building projects we have found some places where we underestimated the cost and other things that we forgot altogether!! So, if you were still thinking of giving, please do! You can use the handy dandy donate button at the top of our blog, or if sending checks is your thing you can:  Write a check made out to: 1st CRC Edgerton In the memo of the check write: "Take Action House Project" Send to: 1st CRC Edgerton 120 Center Street South Edgerton, MN 56128 Send an email to Darin at so that we can keep track of funds as they come in and to give us a r

Build them a home progress report #4

Hello all! It has been a while since I have been on here with an update, but that doesn't mean that there hasn't been progress. We were tied up last week with a bit of work and a lot of fun with Take Action Ministry and a visit from the Money Saving Mom and her family (and Brian too!) Tyson playing games at one of our centres Sissy riding horse at the lodge Crystal keeping Amo calm while we hurry to make her dinner! I have more pics posted on Facebook and Instagram, or you can check them out on Money Saving Mom on Facebook as well :) While our guests were here, we also took them to see the progress on the house. The oldest child of Money Saving Mom had gone with us when they visited 3 years ago and was eager to see what changes had occurred since then. Home! It was so fun being able to show the house that is being built now thanks to the generosity of so many. The Baloyi family was eager to show us around. Here is a photo of the fam (minus Jameson) in f

Build Them a Home Progress Report #3

Wow, wow, wow!!! We are only $50 away from reaching our goal!! Thank you to everyone who gave over the past week. The house is really taking shape and the Baloyi family is SO excited! We stopped by today to bring Amo home after her long stay with us (busy week ahead with Take Action supporters from the US arriving tonight!) and it is just incredible how quickly the house is coming together. Sheets of zinc going on the roof! Looking from front entry into the dining room and into the kitchen A whole lot of love has gone into this home! In preparation for our busy week ahead, Darin also arranged for an electrician, plumber and window glass cutter/installer to come out and give quotations. We are hoping to keep this process moving ahead quickly, but properly. We have currently spent $6,750, leaving us with just over $3,000 of the total raised. This includes the cost of the windows, but not electric or plumbing as we might need to get additional quotations. After the e