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Send us Christmas Letters, Please!!!

It's about that time of year again...time for all of you to be getting your Christmas cards/annual updates ready to send out! We would love to be on your mailing list and, while we won't be mailing out a letter, we will be posting something on our blog! Please send letters and pictures to: Rick Fey  attn: Darin and Jonna Fey  600 4th Ave W Edgerton, MN 56128 Darin​'s mom will bring the letters with her in JANUARY!!! Hopefully I will be posting an update about our housing situation soon. It is November 30 and I am praying that today is the day we will hear some good news!

Late November Update

Here is a little follow-up to my last update! Housing: It is now November 18, and we are still looking for a place to live. Is this how we hoped things would happen; nope! Yet we know that God has a plan and we are choosing to rest in that plan. We have expanded our search out of the game reserve, which is both a bit scary and also exciting. Perhaps God has been keeping us from finding a place here because he wants us to step outside of our comfort zone? Or maybe he has a place in the reserve for us, but is busy working on our hearts, teaching us to rest and trust. We don’t know yet, but we do know that we can believe Him when He says He is good and we can rest assured that He knows our needs and has not abandoned us. For now, thanks to the kindness of Mama Chris, we are staying put. We MUST be out by 1 January as there are some things out of her and our hands, but now we have a bit more breathing room and we can get this school year wrapped up without stressing over our housing

How is it already November?

Today is November 1 st ; 2 more months until a new year begins. In many ways, it really will be a new year for us, as we are facing several changes right now. Change is good, but change is also painful, tiring, frustrating, and stressful. The changes we have coming up are full of uncertainty, including our change of location. This, my friends, is supposed to be our last month living at Tshepo ya Bana. We planned on several months ago being our last month, but things haven’t gone as planned. However, we are basically out of housing options. We have had possibilities and opportunities pop-up, but they all, for one reason or another, have fallen flat. We are now following up with people who have said “no” to us or who we have said “no” to before, trying to see if anything has changed. I am picturing our family living in the no electricity house, using a generator and just making do; and you know what? We could do it. I really know we could, but it would be hard and while I am not op