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It is Sunday afternoon and I am sitting here, feeling like I am bathing in sweat. Gross, I know, but a pretty accurate description. Jori is swimming with some of the older kids and Tyson and Darin are just heading out to pick up some donations and drop Fetsi off at school. The power is out (again) and I am only able to use our computer thanks to the Peppermint Energy 42, a solar powered generator. Hooray for technology. This is an energy sapping heat, folks. It makes babies inconsolable and turns the rest of us into crabbier, tired, more ill-tempered versions of ourselves. It makes eating somewhat unpleasant and feeding Amo almost impossible. When we see the rain clouds approach, we are thankful not only for the potential of precipitation, but for the cooler temperature and a breeze that we can consider “cooling”. The heat makes my brain a bit fuzzy as well, so while I had big plans to write something more, I seriously can’t. My brain is too hot. I know, it is much hotter in o