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Year end wrap up 2014

There is only 1 week left in 2014, which means it is time to write up our yearly re-cap, also known as the annual Christmas letter. This is my 3 rd attempt at writing this year’s note and I am not sure it will go much better than the first two tries. I am struggling to come up with anything new to write as most of you have seen our yearly highlights on Facebook or have read about them in our blog! Our littlest, Jori, is not so little anymore. She will be heading to Grade 4 in January, which is considered to be one of the upper grades in their school. Jori still loves helping out at the main house and loves being a little mother to Amo, who often sleeps over by us on the weekends. Jori is happy whether she is running around playing Star Wars on the Wii with her brother or putting on make-up and high heels to head out for a family pizza night. We love her spirit and spunk and find it hard to keep ourselves from smiling at the stuff that comes out of her mouth. Tyson ju