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The Daily Grind

I feel like I have been writing a lot about our new house and moving and cleaning and remodeling, but not a whole lot about anything else! Here is a recap of the last 6 weeks, the details culled from What’s App chats and my trusty calendar: Week One: We moved in on Saturday, 9 January and hosted our first Take Action meeting at our new place on the morning of the 11 th . On the night of the 12 th , Darin’s mom and Oara’s adoptive family arrived. On the 13 th , Tyson and Jori started a new school year- 7 th and 5 th grade- and I went to a parent meeting that night. Darin got the stove hooked up and the sink! The next day Oara’s speech therapist came out to meet with her new parents and Darin was at a meeting in Pretoria. The kids opened presents from the Fey side and Huismans at night. They were thrilled. MacGyver quickly became one of their favorite TV shows/characters. The 15 th the physio therapist came out. The morning of the 16 th our fam and Grandma Karen headed to the Di

Pics to finish off 2015!

Yes, it is already February 2016, but I just posted our pics from October-December 2015! Click here to take a peek!