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Random news of the week

A portion of our roof is being re-thatched. It has turned into a longer process than first thought as two new leaks were just discovered by bringing a hose up to the roof and seeing where the water ends up in the house. We now have a very wet living room and Jacuzzi room, but thankfully I do not have to mop up the mess. The kids have loved having extra people around and always want to see what “the guys” are doing. Darin has been gone a lot this week, so it has been my job to keep the kids from being too much of a bother. I only found Tyson on the roof twice yesterday, so I’d call that a success. This past weekend our kids had their first sleepovers. We met a family at church that arrived from Missouri the week before we got here and their son is 1 day younger than Tyson and their daughter is 6 months younger than Jori and they also have a little boy that reminds us of our sweet Reidyboo. They came up for lunch last Saturday and took Jori home with them for a girl’s night of fingern

Cleaning the Yard by Tyson Fey

Our gardener use a wheelbarrow for leaves and he gets the leaves in the wheelbarrow with his hands.   And then he brings them to a leaf pile.   Sometimes he lets us ride in the wheelbarrow.   And we think it is fun and when we get home we get out. Amos, our gardener, uses a tree branch for a rake and sometimes he uses a regular rake.   When he needs a new tree branch for a rake, we go help him.   At first we get a saw and we go out of our gate and cut a new one down.   

Mail Call

I have always loved getting mail. Don’t we all? I am so thankful for email and facebook and all the other fast and easy ways to stay in touch with loved ones both far and near, but there is something special about opening up an envelope and pulling out a letter that someone wrote just for me. I used to be an excellent letter writer. No really, I was. I would take time each week to sit down and write a few letters. I had some special “grandmas” in my life who were not online, and I loved sending them little notes and loved getting little notes in return. In college my friend Tami and I would take turns sending super long letters to each other. I saved a lot of these letters and before we moved here to South Africa, I spent some time reading through them before I packed them away in storage. Even all these years later, those letters made me smile.  Since we’ve moved, we have received a few letters. Let me tell you, there is nothing better than finding out something came in the mail f

10 weeks in

When we came to South Africa in 2008, we were here for 10 weeks and then went home. We spent the next several months plotting and planning different ways to come back here. After many months of trying to get back, we both felt like God was telling us we had to just stay put. Then out of nowhere, the opportunity came up for us to partner in a petrol station. We both felt like this was the door God had been waiting to open for us, so we said yes and began planning our move to South Africa. Now here we are, 10 weeks into our new life. It is kind of nice to have lived here longer than we “vacationed” here in 2008.  We started our 3 rd week of home school on Monday and so far we are having a good week. Tyson is busy working on another report for your reading pleasure and he and Darin have been spending some time working through his math workbook. Too much time, according to Tyson J He has also been reading everyday and we are so glad he still loves to read. Yesterday during “recess” w

Princess Charity’s Adventure

Jori really wanted to write a princess story as part of home schooling. Here is the story that she made up. I wrote it down as she told it to me. One day Princess Charity went on an adventure. She packed up her stuff and drove in her car so she wouldn’t have to walk all the way and wouldn’t get hot hot. She loved it when she was driving. It was SO fun. She loved to eat snacks when she was driving because her car could drive itself. Princess Charity was driving to Bela Bela and the forest was close by Bela Bela. When she arrived, she got her swim suit on and walked to the pool and JUMPED IN. Then she was swimming. She had never ever swimmed, but now she was swimming. She loved to swim. She wanted an adventure to go to Bela Bela because there was a pool and she LOVES pools. Princess Charity packed her favorite shoes-Flip Flops. Do you know why she packed her flip flops? Because they are her favorite shoes. Once she got all dressed, cause she was done swimming, she went to the fores