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Another long overdue update (what other kind of updates do I ever write??)

My mom has been wondering why I haven’t been posting on the blog lately, and I really don’t have a good answer. I’ve been busy, but aren’t we all? I’ve also had a full head and a full heart and that often causes me to turn inwards instead of outwards, which might also explain why I haven’t been as open lately. I thought today, while it’s just me, Retha and 2 kids watching the Jungle Book, I’d take some time to write. It is Sunday morning, close to 10:30. Darin, Tyson, Jori, Koki and Kamo are at our church. Anja, Ann Sofie and Uncle Dennis are at Temba Baptist.  Mama Joye, Violinda and DD are at their church and the Harding crew and Fetsi are across the road worshipping with Mark, Lorna and family. We have had a lot of extra people around lately and it has been good. On Tuesday nights, we are working through a Bible study that our church put out. It’s a 40 day journey “Better Together”. I think we’d all agree that the study is applicable to our group here at Tshepo ya Bana. We