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We will be flying back to the states in less than a month. It is strange to think that right around this time, 3 years ago, we were packing to move to South Africa. We were in the middle of goodbye parties, a flurry of doctor appointments, final haircuts, selling off the last bits of our furniture and the seemingly never ending process of packing and repacking our stuff for the big move. We will be flying out of South Africa on June 13, which is the day that we landed here 3 years ago. During our first few days home, Tyson and Jori will get to celebrate their 10 th and 8 th birthdays, much like they celebrated their 7 th and 5 th birthdays in 2011, only this time they’ll be able to hug their friends and not just open a card from them. We will be doing a lot of traveling while we are in the US. First we’ll spend time in Michigan, where our life as a family was spent. We’ll have bonfires in familiar backyards, go to grocery stores where we used to do our weekly shopping, dri

To Hospital We Go

I need to go to hospital today. Not for myself, but to pick up results of a blood test for one of our babies. I also need to pop in to see the speech therapist to set up a follow-up appointment for Amo. These two things could take me 15 minutes or an hour depending on any number of factors. I don’t mind waiting, for the most part. The pediatric outpatient department, where I need to go for the test results, is an interesting place to wait. There are lots of little kids, some super tiny babies who look like they still belong in hospital and a lot of older children as well. Last month I had a child pinching my hands and face and her mother said “Watch out, she might bite you.” Never a dull moment! Usually I feel pretty comfortable at the hospital. I am there enough that I know my way around and am recognized by some of the sisters (nurses). Most of the staff and patients are very kind and very helpful. Last week, however, during a “quick” visit to the hospital to pick up a prescript