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Random News of the Month

Wow, it has been a long time since I’ve updated our blog. I will write more on the reasons why in another post, if I can get my thoughts together, but for now, I will dig through my brain and try to remember what we’ve been up to this last month, other than baking and writing our support letter. Darin has been the busiest Fey in our family. The first weekend of September he was in Johannesburg at the Getaway Show, a huge outdoor expo, to get the word out on the water filters. This show was a big success as Darin and his associates made a lot of connections with several parties interested in purchasing or getting more info on the filters. These interested parties were outdoorsy type people and NGO’s. The second weekend in September Darin was gone again to Mission Fest in Pretoria. Many more connections were made and several have been followed up on these past 2 weeks, which has meant more days and nights of Darin being gone to meetings. Tyson went along to Mission Fest on Saturday

The long awaited support letter

Hello from the Fey family in South Africa.  It is hard to believe that we have been living here for over 15 months already.  We have really enjoyed our time in SA and Hammanskraal is feeling more like home every day.  Tyson and Jori are 2 months into their school experience at Jabulane Christian Academy after being home schooled for our first year here. Our family moved to South Africa with plans to open a gas station, which would give us the finances we needed to support us as we got involved with orphans and vulnerable children in the local community. As many of you know, the gas station has still not been built. In May of 2012, we were about ready to pack up and head back to Michigan as nothing was going according to our plan. However, we serve a God who is much bigger than all of our planning and He began opening doors we  didn't  even know existed!  We came out here hoping to support ourselves, but we are now in a position where we need to reach out and ask others t