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God Doesn't Need Me

This morning, I woke up early, got myself all ready and headed off to a meeting at the Department of Social Development. I was WAY excited about this meeting as it was going to be with potential foster parents for one of the children that we love and care for at Tshepo ya Bana. I was thinking of all the things that I would tell this couple, about the child’s temperament, his likes and dislikes, his love of life and some potential pitfalls. I was thinking about seeing his social worker, someone who I have had a great difficulty working with and trying to decide what I would say to her and how I would say it. I was thinking of my role and what I needed and wanted to convey to get things moving quickly so that we could get this child into a family ASAP, assuming they were suitable and appropriate parents that is. My mind was spinning for the whole 30 minute drive to the office. I parked the car, signed in with security and went inside to the registration desk to let them know I was h


It is Wednesday night. I am sitting at the computer with a fan blowing at my fingers as the internal fan in our computer stopped working and blowing a fan at the computer is now the only way to keep it from frying up inside. It’s all good for now, but I think I’ll need to find some fingerless gloves before winter as even without a fan blowing on my fingers in winters past, typing with frozen fingers has been a challenge. My parents left on Sunday. We had a great time together. We spent almost a week in St. Lucia (South Africa, not the island) and it was fab. Really, one of the best holidays we’ve had; a great location, lots to see and do and a perfect fit for all ages, including the old folks. Just kidding mom and dad!! We also had fun just hanging out, playing cards, eating dessert, and talking, like really talking and being able to share some things that we’ve been working through and being able to bounce ideas off of two people much wiser than us. Darin also left on Sunday

New pics!!

Pics are up. See them here . LAURIE MOLAN, CHECK THEM OUT!!! Ha ha. They are for everyone to see, from way back in August. I'm just teasing my sees-ter as she isn't on facebook or what's app and usually misses all the fun. Having a great time in St. Lucia, South Africa with my parents. Lots of time at the beach, enjoying the sun, fresh fruit, walking to town, hippos and more. Will try to write a longer post before we go while we still have fast internet!