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3 week check-in

It’s been 3 weeks since we arrived back on South African soil. Three weeks of hellos and goodbyes, as we welcomed new volunteers and a new child and said goodbye to volunteers and one of our Mamas for a month. It’s been a hectic three weeks of getting the kids back into the swing of school and life in the bush and getting ourselves into the swing of normal life, which includes lots of driving and making supper each night. It is good to be back. Winter is pretty much over and we’ve been enjoying beautiful days and the evenings are warm enough that I’m ready to put my flannel sheets away. We’ve been seeing lots of animals around lately, including a rhino family and many buffalo. I took one of the little boys on a mini-game drive a few days ago and we saw several giraffe, including a few babies. He was more interested in the mangeese/mangoes/mangoos that had run in front of the car earlier, but were too small for him to see over the front hood. I kept telling him “It’s called a mongo

We're Back!

One week ago, almost at exactly this time, we were waking up to head to the Portland airport. After 6 weeks of traveling across the United States, we were heading back to South Africa. The journey back was mostly uneventful, although there was an episode of motion sickness on the plane for Tyson and Jori also had a very close call after a slightly rocky landing in Dakar. Our family, and all of our luggage, made it to Tshepo ya Bana a little after 8 on Saturday night. We were tired, but being back in our house seemed to give us a second wind. Tyson and Jori were so happy to see all of their toys and things and Jori even found her little lizard friend in her bedroom. By 9:00 the kids had both crashed and Darin and I were not far behind them. Sleeping has been a bit of a problem. The first morning we were all up at 3 and then tired again by suppertime on Sunday. Then it was another early morning, 4 this time, and another battle to stay awake at night. We all managed to sleep until 6