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Better Late Than Never

I know, I know. I said I was going to write more often; faithfully, at least once a week. Obviously that hasn’t happened! Instead of trying to do a major catch up, I’ll just write a bit now and the rest some other time, hopefully during our holiday! Yes, we are going away for a few days with my parents. We are looking forward to seeing a new place and just spending some time together without all the distractions, cute and precious though they are, here at Tshepo ya Bana. We had planned to go to Botswana, but instead are heading to Rustenburg. It is a lot closer, and when squeezing 6 people into a 5 person car, travel time is important! Yes, my parents are here. I don’t even know if I’ve written since they’ve arrived. That is just sad. They have been here since the end of February and we are having a wonderful time. My dad taught three courses in Johannesburg and Pretoria, but that has all wrapped up now. My mom has been such a great help to me, doing homework with the kids, maki


One week ago today we ran in the Warrior Race. Obviously, since I am writing a blog post about it, we all survived! I should probably start by clarifying who “we” are: Darin and Jonna Fey, Tim and Athena Van Gilder (friends from Eastside Community Church), three TYB volunteers (Gabby, Sam and Shanti) and Nhlanhla Harding, one of Chris’s sons. We had a great day to run the race. The weather was a bit overcast, but the rain held off until we had finished our race. The people who started late in the afternoon were not so fortunate. There was a bit more running involved than I was prepared for, but I stuck to the middle and back of our team and we all managed to stick more or less together. There were times where I wanted someone to carry me, but my dear husband wasn’t willing and I didn’t want to impose on any of my other teammates. The obstacles, oh the obstacles. We crawled through mud, ok, I walked over the mud and the other people crawled; we climbed up ropes; we climbed