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It's the Final Countdown!

It is Monday morning. This time next week we will be a few hours away from landing in Atlanta. Yesterday after church, we stopped and bought snacks for the journey and once we were home the kids started packing their carry-on bags. Darin is running around today and tomorrow and will hopefully be home on Wednesday, which is the day he flies out. Tomorrow the kids do their final assignments for grades and I can finish up their term 2 reports. I am trying to motivate them to work on their research papers, which will be completed after we return home, but they are more interested in updating Tyson's YouTube channel. We now have three pieces of luggage fully packed and another one that just needs some clothes tucked into it. Darin has also started laying all of his stuff out in his office. It looks and feels chaotic, but I know it will all get finished before we go. Last week we had a visit with Miss Amo, which was a treat. Tyson and Jori wanted her to watch a movie with them,

Winding Down

In less than two weeks, we will be on our way to the US of A; or rather 3 of us will be on our way to the states and Darin will already be in Germany. We have started packing (2 suitcases are full!) and are working our way through the food in our fridge and freezer. This week we have Amo coming for one last sleepover before we go and on the weekend we plan to have a little party with her whole family to hang out and eat KFC! Tyson and Jori have a list of assignments they need to complete by next Thursday and they are both planning to work ahead so that they can have most of next week off. Last week we had the #TooCoolforSchool Art Fair with our fellow homeschooling friends, which was our last "fun" event until we get back in July and I have recovered from jet lag. It is crazy that we are almost half way finished with our school year; probably closer to two-thirds of the way finished as we've been grinding through a lot of the subjects. Getting ready to head ou