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Spread the Word! Share the Love! BUILD THEM A HOME!

Amogelang January 2013 As most of you know by now, this little girl holds a very special place in our hearts. If you have read our blog for long, or followed us on Facebook or Instagram, you would also know that through loving and knowing Amo, we have also come to know and love her family. If you know the back story and want to get to the point, look for the sentence written in blue below and start reading from there! We first met Amo and her mom, Annah, in January of 2013 at Tshepo ya Bana. Amo had recently turned 2 and Annah was  struggling to care for Amo while finishing school and caring for  her 2 younger sisters and younger brother.    Baloyi Family- December 2013 Over the next couple years, we got to know Annah, Grace, Jameson, Johanna and later Grace’s son, Omphile. They would often come to see Amo at Tshepo ya Bana or we would spend some time with them when we brought Amo home for weekend and holiday visits. During this t

Fall in South Africa

So, hello there. It is May and obviously, I've been back from Kenya for a long while. In fact, an entire season has almost passed since I last wrote! Kenya was amazing. I love going to a new country and getting glimpses of different cultures. It was great to travel with my mother-in-law and 3 other ladies from the Edgerton area. It's funny how spending time in close quarters can turn strangers into friends! We started our trip visiting Margaret Njuguna in her home and also seeing the En-Gedi Children's Home , a place of safety for children with disabilities that Margaret founded in 2013. It was a privilege to see the work that Margaret and her staff do on a daily basis and to serve along side them for a few mornings. Our group also did a bit of sightseeing, heading out to Masai Mara for a safari and also visiting a Masai village. You can see photos of the safari and Masai village below, but please visit En-Gedi's website to see photos of the children and the work be