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End of September update!

It is the end of September. We celebrated Darin's birthday last week. This year his birthday had so much more meaning as we truly celebrated his life after the scary times we faced back in May. That whole time period is often something we want to forget and run away from, but looking back we see how God is ever faithful, how He meets our every need and how He so lovingly cares for us. My dad is in South Africa right now. We briefly saw him over the weekend and he is on his way back to us tonight for a whole week of fun! The kids are really hoping to go to Bela Bela and we have talked about doing a tour of Soweto, but who knows what we'll get into while he is here. I know that cleaning the garage is high on our list of things to be done. Tyson and Jori will be on school holidays starting Friday, so we will have time to chill and NOT worry about homework! Darin's dad is arriving towards the end of October for 2 weeks. We are saving some projects for him as well, like taki

Prayers Please!

It is Friday morning. I have laundry going, a list of things to do a mile long, and I am not feeling 100%. None of this is really out of the ordinary, but tomorrow Darin and I are heading into 7 days of non stop action as we welcome a group of advocates from the US of A and Canada. This group is coming to see what is happening on the ground in South Africa with Take Action Ministry. They are here in conjunction with the Help One Now #tendollartribe at the invitation of Crystal Paine, the Money Saving Mom. This is an exciting time for us as we get to show people what we do here in South Africa, introduce them to our local leaders and the projects they run and most importantly, show them the vision that we believe God has planted in us to bring hope and restoration to the communities of Hammanskraal and Maubane. Exciting, yes, but also exhausting. We will be leaving our house every morning and only returning after4 each day. We have made plans for the kids for each of the next 7 days;