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Warrior Race 2013

May 12, 2013 - a day that might very well live in infamy. In under 3 weeks time, Darin, Auntie Nona, Auntie Vera, Kagiso and Tom will be taking part in a Warrior Race . Here is a description from the website that explains a bit of what these men and women will be subjecting themselves to: The Warrior Rookie race consists of a 6.5km(4mi) course, with 15 adrenaline pumping obstacles.  On average, participants will encounter an obstacle every 500m.  The Rookie race is all about having fun, but make no mistake, participants will be challenged and team work will be the order of the day.  Participants will be expected to climb over some larger than life obstacles, crawl in and climb over mountains of mud, slide down steep slopes at lightning speed, jump off high…very high platforms into water and heaps more! Some of the obstacles Rookie Warriors will encounter: The “Aaaaa”valanche “T-t-t-t”ower of Rage Touch of Mud Arctic Mud Spider Web Slip-not Tangled and many mor

Tshepo ya Bana News

It is a rainy Saturday here. It started raining around one in the morning and continued until after 8. The sky has remained gray and there is a definite chill in the air. Winter is coming… We have had a busy week at Tshepo ya Bana. On Tuesday, Darin, Nona (a volunteer) and I headed to town to run a few errands. We also had to bring something to a social worker who handles the case of one of our children. While we were there, we left messages for two other social workers. We then stopped at another office to try and figure out what’s going on with another child’s case. It appears that in the one case, no social worker has taken responsibility, for various and complicated reasons, for over a year. We were glad that we stopped in and hope that the ball is now rolling, although that remains to be seen. We arrived home a bit after noon and, lo and behold, one of the social workers we had left a message for drove up. We spoke with her about what is needed for this little guy to bec

Update on us!

Happy Friday! It is a cooler, overcast day here today. Tyson and Jori both came running back in the house this morning to get their jerseys and Tyson also put long pants on. It is a good day for drinking coffee and wearing slippers. My mom and dad are back in Oregon, safe and sound, trying to get settled into their new house. We really miss having them here! Tyson and Jori loved going to visit their Papa and Gram after school and I loved going there for my midmorning coffee break. It is taking some time to get back into our “normal” routine, but we are getting there. Tyson and Jori are in their second quarter of school. Tyson seems to be getting a lot more homework this quarter, which I am not a fan of! Both kids are happy to be back at school. They enjoy their friends and they both love their teachers. In fact, a couple nights ago Tyson said “I wish I had two moms; then I could have my mommy and Miss Lazenby could also be my mom”. I guess I will just be glad he still wants m

The news from here

Happy Friday everyone! It is getting close to 2 in the afternoon and the little ones will be waking up from their naps soon. This morning the physiotherapist came to see Oarabile and Amo. She was so pleased with the progress they've made over the past 3 weeks and was able to show us a lot more exercises to do with them. The volunteers who are here right now are so passionate about these girls and really want them to succeed. They are so faithful in doing exercises with them and putting in the time and effort to bring about positive change for these little ones. We are so thankful for our aunties!!! My parents are still here, but they will be leaving on Tuesday night. It is so hard getting ready to say goodbye. I really feel the distance living in South Africa, so much more than I ever did while we were in Michigan and they were on the West Coast. We have had such a wonderful time, with holidays to Kruger Park and a wonderful overnight to the water park in Bela Bela