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Our House!

It is January 31 today. Tomorrow starts a new month! We moved in on Saturday the 9 th , which means we have lived here for 3 weeks and 1day! In many ways, it is crazy to think about how much we have gotten done and how this place is feeling like home after such a short amount of time. In other ways, it feels like there is still a mountain of things that we have left to do, which is true in some ways, but we have a kitchen sink! That is awesome. And a washing machine! Also awesome! We have two outlets in our house. Yes, there are 12 left to go, but 2 outlets is awesome! We are so thankful that Darin’s mom is here with us right now. She is a worker, man! Seriously, even with a toothache, she just won’t stop. Our whole yard is weeded, the old rickety garden fence is down, 10 windows have window coverings of a length I like thanks to her. 2 chairs have clean seat covers, MADE by her. She even managed to make a gingerbread house with the kids, plays card games most every day, and made

New House Update

We have been in our new place for a week and a half. So far we are settling in well. We actually have most things in place, although the electricity still needs some work, we don’t have hot water or a shower, and one toilet wants to run and leak and even my super hubby can’t yet figure out why… other than that, all is well. Moving and trying to set up house in South Africa has been a bit of a challenge, but it has been such a wonderful way for us to be made aware of how big our support system is here in this country. We have been blessed by so many friends in so many ways. A water filter from the Kirby family, a bed, washing machine and TV cabinet from the Oosthuizen crew, Warren/Jones clan picking up 2 sofas and storing them for us a for week, futon from the de Smidts, meals, chocolate, prayers, the open offer to do laundry til our own washer is up and running and much more from scores of other local friends. We are beyond blessed. Living “in town” has been interesting. We ar

It Is Monday

It is Monday. Just before 3. It is hot, but not the +110 degree weather we had last week. We have had three nights in a row of rain. The world looks different when it is green and the dust is being held to the ground by an earth soaking rain instead of being free to fly around into every corner and crevice. It is Monday. We have slept at our new house for 2 nights. The first night I hardly slept at all, which really took its toll on me as I hadn’t been sleeping the best over the past several days prior to our move. Our bed was still at the other house, which made sleeping that much more difficult. I started the night with Jori in her queen bed (sidenote: Jori has a bigger room and bigger bed than Tyson, but Jori also will be giving up her room and bed for all visitors.) I thought there would be plenty of room for both of us, but I was wrong. Sleeping with Jori is like sleeping with a tornado. She doesn’t just toss and turn; she spins. She also snores a bit and is a blanket hog. I

The Fast and The Furious

We are in the midst of a very hectic season. Our life consists of “Let’s make a quick run to…, We have to get back in time for…, When can we fit in…, Will we be ready for…, Did you remember that…, and so on and so on. The “…”s have to do with the house we are moving to, Darin’s mom arriving, kids going back to school, Miss O’s adoptive family arriving, our work with Take Action, Darin’s work with filters, checking in on Amo, appointments for Tyson and so much more. We are tired. I almost hate even saying anything negative as we are so excited and thankful and blessed to finally have a house, but getting a house that is far from move in ready comes with a price, and that price is exhaustion! In the midst of the house busy-ness, the rest of our lives are going on as well. There are phone calls and emails that must be returned, decisions that have to be made, meals to be cooked, children to love and pay attention to, school shopping to take care of, 2 little Miss’ that need some hugs