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A quick update

We had a wonderful time at Kruger Park with my parents. We saw a lot of animals, including wild dogs, which are pretty rare. The weather was great, our lodge was amazing and we all kept busy and had loads of fun. Tyson and Jori made friends at both places we stayed and they both said their new friends were the best thing about our holiday. Too bad they don’t live in Hammanskraal… Today (Monday) is Oarabile’s 3 rd birthday. She had such a fun day and was so excited about every part of it; the balloons, the singing, the hat, her new dress and of course, the cake! She ended up eating close to two pieces as Papa John couldn’t resist her charm and kept feeding her from his plate : ) After supper Miss O and Neo went on a game drive with Darin and all the aunties. Miss O has gone on game drives before, but this was Neo’s first experience. The girls said he was so excited to see the animals that he was almost climbing out the window. Our newest arrival, Happy, left today. He came ab

New Pictures are Up

Check out some pictures from the last 3 months . Hopefully it doesn't take us as long to put pictures up in the future.

Our Week

My parents have been here for just under a week. We have already had so much fun with them. We’ve been on a game drive, out for pizza, Tyson and Jori have played Skip-bo with Papa and Gram at night, Darin and I have been over for coffee and cookies (mainly for cookies) and so much more. My dad has been keeping busy in the garden and both of my parents have been helping out with the little ones we look after. It has really been a great week. I just won’t let myself think too hard on the fact that one week is almost down, which leaves only 5 to go : ( Our friends the Weeda’s have been staying across the road (our old house) since Saturday. They are in country to pick up their beautiful daughter and were in Durban for almost 5 weeks. We’re glad they can be on our side now. We have plans to head out to Baobab next week! Good food, good friends, good fun. We still have a lot of sickness over here. Our youngest, Buhle, spent one day throwing up all of her meals and has also been ha