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Madagascar 2017

Let's just say that by calling this post Madagascar 2017, I am hoping to someday have a post called Madagascar 2018 or 2020. We had a fantastic time in Madagascar! It was nothing like we expected, but everything we could have hoped for. There were three main purposes for this trip: 1. Darin is taking on a new role with his distribution of water filters.  He is now working with Business Connect out of Grandville, MI as their SEAD, Southern and Eastern Africa Director. He will be responsible for setting up and mentoring new distributors in 21 countries in those regions of Africa.  This trip was his first visit to another country in that capacity. Before he was given the opportunity for this new position, he had already made contact with someone who he hoped would become a distributor in Madagascar, Fitah, a graduate of Calvin College who my dad introduced to Darin via email a couple years ago. Fitah had arranged around 12 meetings ahead of our arrival with various NGO and

Lots of New in the New Year

It is Wednesday morning and I am alone in the house. Jori headed off to school today; a new year and she is now in Grade 6!! My baby is a 6 th grader! She was a bit nervous to head out the door today as her big brother was not with her in the car; A new school year for sissy at the same school, a new school year for brother in a new school. Today is the first day of #schooloffey, which is homeschooling and unschooling (don’t roll your eyes) and just being with our boy. He will learn. He’s too smart not to, and we will learn as well. Right now the house is quiet because Darin had to run errands and took #schooloffey on the road. I did actually come up with a writing assignment for Tyson, but he can work on it this afternoon or tomorrow. After that, it will have to wait because mom and dad will be packing up and flying off to Madagascar for 8 days and Tys will be learning with the Oosthuizen kids at their place for a week. We are thankful for friends who will watch our kids and tea