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Winter break 2015 and a visit from Auntie Kristi!

Today was the first day of school after a long, but very fun winter break! What made this break so fun; a visit from my sister, Kristi! Truly, we had such a wonderful time having her here and we would love to have more people visit so that you could see just how much fun it is to hang with the Feys in South Africa (she would totally agree, as would both sets of parents!) I should have been keeping track of all we did, but I will try to get it all written down here. Pictures will follow on Picasa as soon as I find the time to sort through them: The holiday started on June 18, Jori’s 9 th birthday. We celebrated Tyson’s 11 th birthday on the 16 th , so the holiday was already off to a great start. On Sunday we went to Menlyn Mall in Pretoria and let the kids loose in the new arcade. They loved it and Darin and I loved watching them just have fun. The week before their birthdays was exam week at school, so they had both been busy studying and it was nice to have some down time.