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Water, Water Everywhere...or Not

Water, or a lack of water, is not something I ever thought about before we moved to South Africa. If I was thirsty, I went to the sink, turned on the tap and got myself a drink. If my kids came in all filthy from playing outside, I’d just fill the tub with water and wash them off, and if the water was too dirty for both kids to use, I’d drain the tub and fill it up again with fresh water for kid number 2. If we had wanted to water our lawn, which we didn’t, we could have attached a hose and sprinkler to the outside faucet and watered to our hearts content. We were paying for the use of all this water, but other than the minimal cost, we never gave our water, or where it came from, much thought. Living in South Africa has given me many chances to become more aware of water and how having ready access to clean water is a luxury and not something to be taken for granted. There have been several occasions since we moved here in 2011 that have given us a small taste of life without the c