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A Wrap up of 2020: The Year That Was

 I almost decided not to post a yearly wrap-up, but for the sake of posterity I am finally getting it done. 2020 started off in fine fashion. We filled our days with school, orthodontic appointments, field trips with friends, and visits with our sweet Amo girl. Tyson spent time with his friends several afternoons a week and Jori was volunteering at the veterinary clinic that our pup Nala goes to. She even helped out in a few surgeries! In the middle of January Darin left for a work trip that took him to Thailand and Laos for 3 1/2 weeks. Early in March, Darin's mom and 3 other ladies arrived from Edgerton and spent a week volunteering in the community and experiencing a bit of our daily life in South Africa. While they were here, the Corona Virus quickly went from something we had hardly thought about to something we couldn't seem to escape from. Darin's mom had planned to stay on with us for a few weeks after the other ladies had left, but after a flurry of phone calls and