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SMP- Send Mail Please!

It's that time of year again! The time where some people are putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and writing their Christmas letters, other people are setting up a time for family pictures to be taken and picking out a design for their annual Christmas card, and a few industrious people are doing both! We will be striking a balance somewhere in the middle, typing up a letter, finding a few pictures where we look photogenic (ok, where I look photogenic) and posting it on our blog, although if you already follow this blog you have a pretty good idea of what our year has looked like. That being said, we would love to hear from you and see your lovely Christmas photos and thanks to the willingness of a man I've never even met, we are going to be able to get some mail from you if you want to send it to us. My friend Mandy is going back to the states over Christmas and her dad is letting us use his PO Box to receive Christmas letters, which she will then deliver to us here

Weekly Recap

It’s another rainy day, but the sun is coming out now. I am not sure if I should take the chance and do some laundry or if I’ll be stuck laying things all around my house to dry. This isn’t such a bad thing, but in a small house there isn’t a lot of room to hang wet laundry and still have room to sit. The grass is so lovely and green. Well, the grass plus a mixture of small plants and groundcover that kind of look like grass. It actually reminds me of our yard in Hudsonville-always looking so lush and lovely until you looked closely and realized there was more clover than grass under your feet. Tyson and Jori are in the home stretch right now before school is done for the year. They both have exams coming up. As a parent, I am not a fan of exams, and I’m pretty sure the students and teachers are also not so thrilled with them. Both of my kids are obsessed with talking about the possibility of failing and repeating their current grade. Darin and I were talking and neither of us

Two Years

It is almost 6 and we are finished with supper, except for Jori who is still scooping up the last bits of her taco salad. Tyson is playing the Wii, Darin is leaving a What’s App message for his dad and I’m sitting at the computer, looking out at the rain falling to the ground and a rainbow in the sky. Our night could be your night, only if I sit here long enough, I might see a giraffe walk past, which probably isn’t going to be happening for most of you J Monday marked 2 years since we moved to Tshepo ya Bana. These have been some of the most difficult, tiring, and stressful years of our lives, but also some of the most joyful, blessed, fulfilling and redeemed years as well. Redeemed might seem like a strange word to use, but after our first 18 months in South Africa, the business struggles, stress on our family and depression that was getting deeper and deeper, our time here at Tshepo ya Bana has been redemptive in so many ways. We can look back and see how God used people and ev