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Where I'm At

Do you ever find yourself struggling to define what you are feeling? There is something holding you back, holding you down, and you just can't quite put your finger on it and then BAM, something cracks open and you know the name of this thing that has been your constant, yet somewhat obscure companion? I have been wanting to come back here and write a bit more about what I have been *unsuccessfully* working through these last months, but it was like when you have a word at the tip of your tongue and it just keeps slipping away. I would sit down and think "Now I will write", but it was like the words I'd put down and the stuff jammed deep inside of me weren't matching up. Last night, my feelings found a name. We went out to dinner with my dad and for the first time there was some kid free space where we could talk more openly about adult only issues. Once I started talking, the words just kept tumbling out and along with them something I hadn't been able to p

My trip to Washington by Jorin Fey

First of all, let me tell you how long I was crammed in a 8 seater car with lots of bags.  We were driving for 22 hours.  We stopped about 4-6 times and slept over at a hotel.  Two of my cousins, Makenna and Nevaeh, were in the car with me, my dad, my grandpa and grandma, Tyson, and my uncle Israel.  Most of the time we would sleep or watch a movie.  We ate sandwiches for lunch and had snacks and drank pop.  And when we got to the lodge after driving for 22 hours we were tired .Some of the people we first saw were Maddie, Carter,auntie Leah,Avery and other relatives.There was a swimming pool,mini golf course,a river ,you could rent a bike and lots of other fun things. Tyson and my dad shared a room me, my cousins,Maddie and grandpa and grandma shared a room and Israel slept with Carter. After a while us girls went in the swimming pool.It was cold but not really cold.For supper we ate we went down by the river and ate under a tent. We then went and swam again. After swimming we showe

In which I confess to giving my 13 year old a gap year

So my original title of this post had the subtitle "and he repays me by acting like an over-indulged little sh**", but I didn't think that was very kind. For the past several years, our kids have attended a small private school near our house. Unfortunately, this school does not include a high school, which starts in Grade 8 here. So after wrapping up Grade 7 in December 2016, Tyson joined the ranks of those who learn at home. Here's the bottom line on how this year has gone: I am not home enough to home school my kid. The end. My life is not scheduled. Meetings pop up that I do not have control over; there are some things that you cannot deal with over the phone, so you must physically drive 40 minutes round trip for a 5 minute conversation; when I did try to have a set schedule of days I would go out and days I would stay home, something always popped up that screwed up all of my planning. You get the picture. We started out the year with science, math, on-l

An accidental missionary

We moved here in June 2011 with big plans. Our plans involved business and being our own bosses, getting involved with some projects on the side and having time and money to travel. I am sure that life could have been pretty sweet, but our plans took a nose dive a few months after we sold almost all of our possessions in the states and moved our family of four overseas. The business started showing some cracks, then major faults and finally bankruptcy. Our investment, gone. Our savings, depleted. Our spirits, low. For me, this was a time of deep depression. We ended up being thrown a lifeline in September 2012 and moved into Tshepo ya Bana in November of that year. We were now houseparents to a whole lot of littles as well as our own two who were still pretty little themselves. Suddenly, we were thrust into a role we hadn't planned on, that of missionary. This was not something we promoted then, nor is it how we identify ourselves now, unless it is to get out of a speeding tick

Cell Phones and Teenagers-a report by Tyson Fey

I’m going to talk about the dangers of social media and if children under a certain age should have a phone. So first I’m going to talk about what said. The fact that Snapchat can be used for sexting is just worrying. I’m thirteen years old and I have a phone that has Snapchat on it, and I don’t want to become a victim of sexting. Sexting is a very big thing that is used around the world, it is disgusting, weird, and most of all inappropriate. Isn’t it weird that all social media can be used for sexting? Why don’t the makers of whatever program just make something that when you take a picture of something inappropriate it deletes it immediately. In my personal opinion sexting is very dangerous. Some of the reasons are: -           -   Sexting can cause harm to people -           -   It can make them make do stuff they don’t want/aren’t supposed to do Why I think it can cause harm to people is because, if they look at a picture of some ones “thing” it can b

It doesn't ALWAYS rain in Oregon!!

So, my family drove off towards Washington state and I flew to Oregon. My nephew, Gage, picked me up and drove me to the hospital. It was so, so, so, good to see my sister Kristi and give her a big hug. Seeing Sawyer was also so, so, so, SO good, but so hard. I had seen pictures that my family had sent, but wasn't prepared to see his bruises and scrapes and "Hello there Halo vest" up close and personal. He looked better than I expected, but small and vulnerable (sorry Sawyer, but I think that is true of anyone in the hospital). He had a lot of friends come up to visit that night, so Kristi and I hung out in the playroom and ate dinner in the cafeteria before heading to the Ronald McDonald House, which was amazing. Like for real, what a gift! Kristi and I stayed up and talked way too long. The next day I saw my other sister Laurie and her Carson and Kelsey. More cafeteria food (don't eat the burgers), lots of laughs and lots of time spent hanging in Sawyer's room