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Build Them a Home Progress Report #2

Happy Friday Everyone! Less than one week ago, we updated you on the progress of the house for the Baloyi family. At that time, the building was this far along: Since then, things have been moving along and we could not be more excited! The foundation is finished and the walls are being built. Door and window frames are being installed and it is becoming easier to imagine this being a HOME!  Finished Slab 5,000 bricks! Windows and the back door! Interior wall in the morning! Similar view in the afternoon. View from the front! It is so exciting to see how quickly things are coming along. The builders plan to work all weekend and I cannot wait to show you the progress then! We are $1,600 away from our goal of $10,000. We have already spent about $5,000 on labor and material. If you want to give, you can use the donate button at the top of our blog. You can also send a check if you prefer. The details are at the bottom of this post . Sprea

Build Them a Home Progress Report

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has already given towards this project! It has been so much fun giving Amo's family updates when we receive more funding. I asked Grace, Amo's aunt, what the mood was like when Darin gave them the total raised after the first week and she said they basically jumped around and screamed like children :)  We have decided to proceed with the building, even though we have about $2,000 still to raise. The builders were available, Darin found a good deal on bricks, and the family had torn down half of their shack in preparation, which means 4 of them are now sleeping on a bed set up in the living room and Amo has been staying with us! She is now with her mama for the weekend and we have Johanna, her younger auntie here with us instead.  Water Tank The only source of water for the household has been a faucet in the yard that provides municipal water - except for when it doesn't. There is usually no water available during th