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Open letter to my sister, who has been asking me why I never post anything.

Dear Laurie You’ve been asking me to write for a while and for some reason, it never happens. Why? I really don’t know. I suppose it is just life getting in the way. That is really a poor excuse as you are my sister and I do actually want you to know what is happening with all of us in South Africa. Today, I had plans to visit a friend. Those plans were derailed when we had a call that a granny we know was being discharged from the hospital. I offered to go as I know the family better. I quickly came to regret this decision as getting discharged from a hospital in South Africa is not like getting discharged from a hospital in the states. I should have remembered this from Darin’s wonderful hospital experience in May. First one of her grandkids was told to return her file to the admissions area. Later he was sent back to fetch the file as it still needed to go to the pharmacy. Then a nurse had to take it to another ward as the granny was transferred to her ward without discharge