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What to pack.

It's Thursday. A cool, cloudy, breezy day. We have been enjoying the cooler weather this week and the rain! Tys and Jori are pretty much finished with school for the week. Tomorrow is ice skating, which Tyson has already decided to opt out of. He can't keep his feet from blistering, so the experience isn't much fun for him. Darin has some errands to run, so maybe he'll choose to go with him instead. That is, assuming we will be able to get to the rink tomorrow. National elections are next month and there have been protests in different parts of the country, and today they came our way. I think the protest was something to do with taxis and a lack of service delivery in the community. We could see smoke from burning tires and all the schools were closed, but there wasn't any action on our side of the highway. Who knows what tomorrow or the weeks leading up to (or after) the election will bring. Hanging out before school Darin and Jori are picking up food donatio

Let's Fly!

It's April already and the weather has been cool enough to start bringing down the temperature inside our house. Hooray. I have come to really enjoy this time of year, our "fall". I am a jeans and sweatshirt kind of girl and this is the time of year when these items can be worn daily in the house, but when you step outside the sun reminds you that summer is still not totally over. Just over a week ago, Darin and I made what for us was a rash decision. We were talking about an overseas work trip that was coming up for Darin and trying to figure out if he could extend it without causing me and the kids to go insane, when we decided "Hey, why not have Jonna and the kids go to Oregon while Darin travels and then he can join us to continue our US holiday to Michigan and Minnesota". So, that is what we did. Instead of journeying across the ocean in 2020, we've moved our plans up by a year. Tickets have been purchased and we will be stateside in June! The kids an