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In his own words: What my mom and dad do, by Tyson Fey

Hello everybody, My name is Tyson. I am going to tell you about what I do and see when I go out with my mom and dad to centers. First I will tell you a little about myself. I used to go to a school called Bethesda which is not that far away from where we live now. My family and I have moved twice since we moved to South Africa I am 12 turning 13 on June 16. I am doing home-school, I mostly do school on the computer, but sometimes go out with my parents to do stuff with them.  I think my mom and dad have a very important roll in “Take Action.” My mom goes out and does surveys of the centers. My dad does “Busetsa” stuff like finances. “Busetsa” is a wood working place that is a great place that you can get gifts or other nice things. I have 3 friends that live on the property of “Busetsa,” the property is called “Butterfly.” If you are wondering what that weird word means, it means to take back or renew. My dad also does the Woolies and pick and pay food, which are stores that

Rats and Mice and My Good Intentions

Do you know what my life is full of right now? Rodents and good intentions. The rodents are irritating. Mice of all sizes including tiny kangaroo mice and rats have invaded our house. First we saw their poop and crackers with rodent sized bites taken out of them. Then we started to find piles of dog food around the house. Now we are seeing the rodents themselves. They are quite at home here; popping behind the TV stand while we sit and watch Little House on the Prairie with the kids, no more hiding out until night time to appear. Oh no, not our little friends. We put down piles of poison. PILES. It all disappears, and still the mice and rats are just here. So cute, right? It is gross. I am annoyed when I lay in my bed at night and hear the rustling of rodents in my kitchen and even in my bedroom. Sadly, I have kind of reached the point where I am like "Meh, we've got rodents in the house. Whatev". The good intentions are also irritating. There are things I want