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Link-a-palooza, a fun way to see what we've been up to

Over the past few months, Darin and I have been around more Americans than usual. This is due to our work with Take Action Ministry and some exciting things that are happening there. Take Action is a group that we have been a part of for a few years, even before we moved to Tshepo ya Bana.  We first met them through Mama Cathrine and Tshwaraganang, an organization that I haven’t written about for a long time. After a few stops and starts trying to get a few projects off the ground there, Take Action realized that there was something missing that was causing the visions of the two organizations to be at odds with each other. The thing that Take Action found was most necessary for a successful partnership was to work with organizations that were rooted in Christ; these could be ministries started by a church or ministries started by people who were very involved in their local church. In mid-September, a team from Help One Now came to see what Take Action was doing in South Africa


It’s Sunday afternoon. Darin and Tyson are in Pretoria on their way to pick up some grocery donations. Jori is at the aunties’ cottage watching “The Princess Diaries” with a couple aunties and Mbali. I just read my third Reader’s Digest of the week (Thank you Grandma Van!!!), thought about taking a little rest, but decided to work on my neglected blog instead. We are getting back into the swing of things with school starting, social workers being back in their offices, doctor and hospital visits being planned, and more. Our kids are now in Grade 6 and Grade 4, which just makes them seem so old!!! They both seem excited about the new school year, although we are all less than thrilled with the whole homework thing. Swimming, playing Wii and running around outside are much more fun ways of spending the afternoon. Tomorrow I will be spending a good part of the morning at Jubilee hospital. I was there last Monday as well and am now returning for a follow-up with our new baby. I wi