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Another update

Darin and I are in Swaziland right now. He is currently out meeting with people for business and I am just chilling in our room. It is the perfect kind of holiday for me. We do hope to do a bit of sightseeing tomorrow before we drive back to Hammanskraal, but I think we both needed some time to just totally relax. Things have been busy back at home. Darin’s mom arrived on the 20 th and her time here has already been full. Tyson and Jori have been spending every evening at Grandma Karen’s playing card games and begging for snacks.  I am sure they will be trying to wheedle even more goodies out of her now that we aren’t there, but she can handle them! I love a grandma who isn’t afraid to say NO!! Not only has Karen been busy with our kids, but she has also been going on walks and playing with the little ones at TYB. They are already calling her “grandma” J To top it all off, she has been cleaning and painting down in our new cottage, getting it ready for the big move this weekend.

New pictures are up!

New Pictures are up for September, October and part of November! Click here to check them out!

Where we've been, where we're going

With all of the changes that are coming and the talk of back cottages, front cottages, guest cottages, volunteer cottages, main house, across the road and the like, many of you are probably feeling a bit confused. Those of you who have been to Tshepo ya Bana before can probably figure out who will be living where, but if you’ve never been here, which most of you haven’t been, you are just lost! First, let me share with you a picture that shows where Tshepo ya Bana is in relation to some other places you’ve heard us talk about, namely Tamboti Lodge and James and Juliet’s house, which is also known as across the road and/or the first house we lived in. There is a little key in the bottom left corner that will give you a better idea of the distance between each location. Before the Big Five were introduced, we often walked to TYB from our old house and I know there were a lot of volunteers who used to walk to Tamboti. The main tar road is in the direction of our old house. Onc