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Year in Review 2016

I have started and stopped our annual letter no less than 5 times. I am not sure why I am struggling to get it written this year, but thought I would try one last time today. January : A busy month for sure! We moved into a new house, we got a dog and the kids started Grade 5 and Grade 7. Tyson First day of Grade 7 Jori First day of Grade 5 Nala Then Nala Now We also enjoyed a visit from Grandma Karen. She helped us with SO many things at our new house both inside and out. Taking time from cleaning to show the kids something Grandma Karen project...She even fed them the icing straight from the pouch :) Expert weed puller and yard raker! Miss O’s adoptive family arrived to bring their girl home! February : We said goodbye to Grandma Karen and we even had a baby duck in our house for one night…then it died. Duck March : Papa and Gram arrived! We handed out a lot of socks and underwear and went out to celebrate some bi