My secret life as a pool cleaner...

Today I spent 2 hours crawling around the swimming pool on my knees vacuuming up the dirt that had settled at the bottom. I didn’t want to deal with another sunburn, so I wore a long sleeve shirt and had Jori put sunscreen on my neck. I am guessing by tomorrow morning the pool will look just as dirty, but I gave it my best shot.

I’ve managed 2 nights in a row sleeping with the bite guard in! Thanks for all the advice!! I am sure my quality of sleep will keep improving as I get more used to it and maybe I will also magically stop clenching my teeth in the day time!

I did a lot of home school planning while the kids were gone. I have a lot of friends here who “un-school”, and while there are times that might be a lot easier, there are certain things I want the kids to learn and know how to do, not only for educational opportunities down the road, but also for life. I took time to go through all the assignments I have planned for the week to weed out “busy work”, which I am not a fan of, and give them tools to use across subjects.

It has been interesting for me to revisit subjects I studied many years ago in middle school and high school as an adult. My view on the world and events in the world has changed a lot with ago and with our living in a foreign country. More than just stuffing my kids’ heads full of knowledge, I want them to think about what they learn critically; both in school and what they see on TV, read online, or hear from other sources.

Our week ahead looks quiet. Tyson has an appointment Tuesday afternoon, we hope to have Amo overnight mid-week and we have tentative plans to visit an agricultural museum on Friday. Today we need to buy milk – Goals!!

We are counting down the days until Darin is back, yet I know that as good as it will be to have him home, there will also be a period of readjustment. The kids and I get into a groove when Darin is gone and while it isn’t better than our life with him here, it is different and different can be good too. Sharing pool cleaning duties with Darin will definitely be better than living the secret life of a pool cleaner on my own. If you can remember to pray for our family this weekend as we welcome Darin home and readjust to having 4 people in the house, we would appreciate it! 


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