My trip to Washington by Jorin Fey

First of all, let me tell you how long I was crammed in a 8 seater car with lots of bags.  We were driving for 22 hours.  We stopped about 4-6 times and slept over at a hotel.  Two of my cousins, Makenna and Nevaeh, were in the car with me, my dad, my grandpa and grandma, Tyson, and my uncle Israel.  Most of the time we would sleep or watch a movie.  We ate sandwiches for lunch and had snacks and drank pop.  And when we got to the lodge after driving for 22 hours we were tired .Some of the people we first saw were Maddie, Carter,auntie Leah,Avery and other relatives.There was a swimming pool,mini golf course,a river ,you could rent a bike and lots of other fun things.
Tyson and my dad shared a room me, my cousins,Maddie and grandpa and grandma shared a room and Israel slept with Carter. After a while us girls went in the swimming pool.It was cold but not really cold.For supper we ate we went down by the river and ate under a tent. We then went and swam again. After swimming we showered and went to the beds to look at pictures .

After about 30 minutes we went to find the grown ups. And we found them in the lounge.They told us we were going to play games.I think first we played Mafia,I was the Mafia with Nevaeh and some one else.After about 2 round they found out who one of the Mafia was .So that person died.Then we all went to sleep and me and Nevaeh chose who to kill and the game went on until towards the end Nevaeh got caught.So on went the game until I died and everyone who was still alive heard the word there are no more Mafia.We then played the game 4 on the couch,and since it was a small lounge there was no couch so instead we played 4 on the chairs.It was very fun and I can’t even remember who won.We then went back to our room and talked to each other then we went to bed.Me and Nevaeh shared the top bunk,Makenna and Maddie shared the bottom and my grandparents shared the big bed.

The next morning we woke up around 8 and got ready and went to the lounge and ate breakfast.For breakfast there was yoghurt,peaches ,oats,toast ,waffles and cereal.After breakfast we went back to our room and brushed our teeth and went to look around for a while.Then when we came back we went swimming.We felt the water then decided to jump in.Once you got in it warmed up.We would play games and have races .Me and Neveah even made up a dance routine.We stayed in for about 45 minutes then got out.Next to the swimming pool there was a shelf with towels in it.So we took 1 and went back to our room.We then went in the shower in our swim suits and washed each others hair.After we dried off and got dressed we went to the lounge and looked at their movies.We rented about 5 movies and then went back to watch some of them.

First we watched Sharpays fabulous adventures then Hair spray.After watching we went and swam and played we were mermaids.Maddie didn’t swim with us so we 3 played  .When we got out the 3 of us went to shower .Then grandma came in when we were reaching in the cooler to get a can of pop.She told us we were aloud to have 2 cans of pop a day.So we got our first can and we watched hair spray,since Nevaeh like it a lot.We probably swam 2 more times that day and showered about 2 more times.After eating super again we probably swam .Then later we went to the lounge and played the same games ,the Mafias and 4 on the couch.Then we wet back to our room at about 10:30 and talked again while drinking our second can of pop.

When I woke up the next morning no one else was awake,only grandma.So I layed in the bed waiting for someone else to wake up.I waited for about 5 minutes then got up to go to the bathroom.When I got back some of them were awake.So we then got ready and went to eat breakfast.There was the same thing for breakfast that day and every day we were there .So we got our breakfast and went back to the room and finished getting ready.I am sure me and Nevaeh then swam ,and Makenna and Maddie didn’t. We swam for about 20-30 minutes then got out and went to shower.Me and Nevaeh showered together in our suits ,we were in the shower for 10 minutes.

 Once we got dressed we watched a movie.Then we swam before lunch ,once we showered and got dressed we ate lunch.For lunch there was tuna or Peanut butter and jelly.I had tuna the others had the other stuff.We drank a can of pop with our lunch.After a while we went and swam all together.We played mermaids and chicken.In chicken first me and Makenna  were on a team and we won ,then we swapped and me and Maddie were on a team and we won again.

Then me and Nevaeh taught Makenna our dance routine.When we got out we went and showered.We swam about 2 more times that day when we were walking down to the river for supper and people were walking up they were more family.So after we introduced our selves we went down to the tent.After supper we went back up to the rooms and probably changed to swim .Later in the night we went to the lounge for games.We played the same games every night.So we first played Mafia and I was a sheriff .I don’t think I died until the end.Or we won.After we played we went back and played a game and watched a movie then went to bed at around 11 : 30.

The next day we pretty much did the same things. After we swam we got our first can of pop and laid out in the that point we were so used to Mountain Dew and there was none left so we drank Pepsi. And it tasted funny. And I think that was the day we went tubing. We had to drive about 5 minutes. We all had to wear a life jacket. We waited for more of our people to come. When they came, we lined up in rows of three. Then we got I our tubes and left. The water was cold at first. Me, Makenna, Nevaeh and Maddie held on to each other. The rocks would look like fish moving. After about ten minutes of floating we had to get out and walk up. But by then the current was strong and it was difficult to get ashore. We could go around a second time, but Nevaeh didn’t want to so grandma stayed with her. When we arrived we got out and left. When we got to the end we were cold. So we went and swam in the swimming pool. At night, we played games. When we went to bed me and Nevaeh were tickling each other.

The next morning, we ate and swam and we watched movies. And when we had to go I was sad, because I had to leave the best family and friends. So, we said good bye and rode off.

( Some of the days might be wrong but none of the memories are)


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