The long awaited support letter

Hello from the Fey family in South Africa.  It is hard to believe that we have been living here for over 15 months already.  We have really enjoyed our time in SA and Hammanskraal is feeling more like home every day.  Tyson and Jori are 2 months into their school experience at Jabulane Christian Academy after being home schooled for our first year here.

Our family moved to South Africa with plans to open a gas station, which would give us the finances we needed to support us as we got involved with orphans and vulnerable children in the local community. As many of you know, the gas station has still not been built. In May of 2012, we were about ready to pack up and head back to Michigan as nothing was going according to our plan. However, we serve a God who is much bigger than all of our planning and He began opening doors we didn't even know existed!  We came out here hoping to support ourselves, but we are now in a position where we need to reach out and ask others to come alongside us, giving you a chance to be an integral part of our mission.

By joining with us, you…make it possible for this little 2 year old girl to get the therapy and one-on-one attention she needs after suffering a stroke last year.  We have found a therapist in Pretoria that is willing to work with her for free, we just need to be able to get her there.  Starting this month, we will be taking her into our house as a foster child (hello again diapers!) so we can work with her daily to rebuild her muscles and we pray that she will be able to relearn to walk and talk.

By joining with us, you…allow for us to continue our volunteering at Tshepo ya Bana children’s home across the road from where we stay.  There are currently 12 children there, a few of them with HIV/AIDS.  Jonna has been volunteering there 1 full day a week and Darin helps when he can, playing with the kids or doing small projects.  Occasionally we take some of the children to our house or to town with us so they can experience different things.

By joining with us, you…will be supporting Pastors Norman and Herens  and Mama Elizabeth in the nearby North West province.  As part of a local non-denominational group called Take Action, we are working to find out how best to bring revival and care for churches and orphans in an area of great need.  By getting churches involved at the beginning, we hope to open new homes and schools for orphans where God’s word is the focus and raising children who love the Lord is the result.   

By joining with us, you…can bring clean, safe drinking water to areas of southern Africa that constantly deal with cholera and typhoid outbreaks due to no access to potable water.  Darin has been given an opportunity to work part time as a distributor for Sawyer water filters.  The role involves meeting with NGOs, government officials, and missionaries to assess water problems and provide a solution which can save lives of children and transform communities.  We pray that by this time next year, the work with Sawyer will turn into something that fully supports our family as well as creates jobs as we hire people to work alongside us.  By also being accepted as an official project of the organization Partners Worldwide, we will have the mentoring support of Christian businessman in the US to help us along the way.

Most importantly, we feel that God has us in South Africa at this time to be available for whatever his plans are and for what needs arise around us that we can offer a hand to help with.  We have clearly seen that our plans are not always His plans, but we know that he is faithful and our trust in him continues to grow.  Please pray with us that we will follow God’s direction always.  If you wish to join us in this journey by contributing financially, Darin’s home church will be taking an offering for us at the end of September.  Tax deductible donations can be sent to 1st CRC Edgerton, 125 Center St., Edgerton, MN 56128.  They should arrive by October 30, 2012.  When sending a check, please put our name in the memo line.  If you wish to make a donation in a different manner or would like to make a monthly contribution toward our ongoing expenses, please contact us for more details.  Our email address is, we'd love to hear from you.

God bless,

Darin, Jonna, Tyson and Jori   


Robin said…
Great update Darin & Jonna.
The picture of the kids in their uniforms is great. I love the TYB picture too, brings back so many memories. thanks for the full update on all topics, it's a really great letter!
hans-test said…
Dear Darin and Jonna,
Thank you for this update.

God bless you all.

Hans en Gerrie

Anonymous said…
So proud of you, and your little family too...hoping things get clearer and clearer by the day...trusting God with your life and future is a huge step of faith! Loving you...Laurie

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