Build them a home progress report #4

Hello all! It has been a while since I have been on here with an update, but that doesn't mean that there hasn't been progress. We were tied up last week with a bit of work and a lot of fun with Take Action Ministry and a visit from the Money Saving Mom and her family (and Brian too!)

Tyson playing games at one of our centres

Sissy riding horse at the lodge

Crystal keeping Amo calm while we hurry to make her dinner!

I have more pics posted on Facebook and Instagram, or you can check them out on Money Saving Mom on Facebook as well :) While our guests were here, we also took them to see the progress on the house. The oldest child of Money Saving Mom had gone with us when they visited 3 years ago and was eager to see what changes had occurred since then.

It was so fun being able to show the house that is being built now thanks to the generosity of so many. The Baloyi family was eager to show us around. Here is a photo of the fam (minus Jameson) in front of their current house.

Lenah and Omphile, Annah and Amo, Johanna
Right now, the electricians are finishing up. Here is what some of the process looks like for those who might be interested. The electricians grind out part of the brick to make "paths" for the electrical wiring. Then they plaster over this. (My husband just told me this process is called "chasing" and that the electricians first "chase" the walls and then put the conduit in.)

Once the electrical is finished, the interior will be plastered. After that, we plan to tile the whole house. This will make it easier to keep things clean! Some of the plumbing will happen before the tile is laid and some after. 

Darin has been keeping track of all incoming and outgoing transactions. We have received more than we originally thought, which is why we are able to tile the entire house. As someone who has lived in a house while it was being tiled, I am really happy that we can get this finished before the family moves in! We hope to have enough left to buy a stand for the water tank as it needs to be elevated to provide enough pressure for the sinks and bath. 

We are not sure yet if there will be enough to paint the interior, but we are hoping so as it will make everything look more bright and finished. Getting the kitchen kitted out with cupboards and a stove will also have to wait, but this isn't the end of the world as they've been managing without cupboards and with only a two plate burner for years.

If you would still like to contribute, the donate button at the top of our blog is still working :) Just thought I'd put that out there...

We are getting back into the normal rhythms of life over here after the school holidays. Tyson started back to school on Tuesday, Jori heads back Monday. Amo is back with us after a few days away last week. We are having another cold snap here and staying warm is something we work hard to do all day. Lots of hot drinks, hot water bottles and multiple layers of clothes for the win!


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