Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Open letter to my sister, who has been asking me why I never post anything.

Dear Laurie

You’ve been asking me to write for a while and for some reason, it never happens. Why? I really don’t know. I suppose it is just life getting in the way. That is really a poor excuse as you are my sister and I do actually want you to know what is happening with all of us in South Africa.

Today, I had plans to visit a friend. Those plans were derailed when we had a call that a granny we know was being discharged from the hospital. I offered to go as I know the family better. I quickly came to regret this decision as getting discharged from a hospital in South Africa is not like getting discharged from a hospital in the states. I should have remembered this from Darin’s wonderful hospital experience in May. First one of her grandkids was told to return her file to the admissions area. Later he was sent back to fetch the file as it still needed to go to the pharmacy. Then a nurse had to take it to another ward as the granny was transferred to her ward without discharge instructions from the doctor. All in all, it was a wonderful time of waiting. I was entertained by another patient saying she was going to call the police because she wasn’t being fed and was starving. Good times. Left home at 10, got home around 1 after dropping granny off at her home.

Our kids have been writing exams since last week. They have one more to finish tomorrow, which will bring the total number of completed exams to 10. We kind of gave up the hardcore studying around exam 4. They are kids. They need to play. And seriously, they have been playing so well together lately. It is seriously such a blessing that they love each other and even like each other a good deal of the time. Jori is really in to jump rope right now and she gets Tyson to play with her by saying things like “Fine, then don’t ask me to play with you” when he refuses. Little sister charm! For real though, they do play together a lot. Lego has been a huge hit, especially since our tile was laid. So much easier to clean up when you don’t have to separate the Legos from bits of the floor.

Practicing the "tripod". Notice the wreck of a floor behind her.
100% on his art project. Check out the lovely floor behind him!
Our house is really coming along. The kitchen is finished, other than the lights. I am hoping Darin can install these in December. When dad was out a few months ago, he painted up a storm. The man doesn’t stop! Darin’s dad was out just after and he really pushed us to get the tiling going again. So thankful for him as I think Darin would have left it til next year. Now we have one bathroom and the office/spare room to tile and a few more rooms to paint and the majority of the work is finished! Then we might spare some time to figure out why the shower is leaking and seeping into Jori’s room and if we want to seal up some leaky spots in the roof, although by the time we’d get around to the roof the rainy season will probably be over and we’ll just put it off. That is how we roll.

We’ve had our little Amo pants over a bit more than usual this month. She is just my fave little person. The kids love having her around and Darin and I also can’t get enough of her grins and giggles. We love having her family around too. They’ve come to church with us a few times and we hope to do something fun with them over the December holiday. They are like family to us now. Much loved family.

Good old Nala still holds down the fort while we are running around during the day. She decided to leave my shoes alone and somehow got hold of one of Darin’s last night and destroyed it.  She is a bit more nervous lately, and you can’t blame her as we’ve had a few people jump the fence recently while we weren’t home. We are all safe and getting razor wire up is another item on our to-do list.

We are planning to come to the states to visit with you all in June/July. We hope to renew our visas at that time as well. Right now, this is home. We have friends, neighbors, people who look out for us.(Like Solomon, who has a farming project behind us). We have our favorite places to grab a bite to eat, know the best place to fill up the gas tank with diesel, and even manage to not get lost very often (ok, Darin never gets lost). The kids are happy. We all have moments where we want to pack up and leave, but I think that is normal for everyone at some point, even if you’ve lived in the same place all your life.

I am sorry it took me so long to write. I love you and can’t wait to see you again. I miss chatting with you on your drive to work. I will do better at keeping in touch. Hugs and Kisses to all of you!!


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